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Guest Attraction and Follow Through System


Put Podcast Guest Qualification, Booking, and Follow Through ALL on Auto-Pilot

Save you and your team 20 hours per week while keeping up with guest qualifying, booking, and communication. Value = Over $1,500 / Month for as Little as $497 / Month!

"It was great! Your intake portal is very very impressive really neat so before we even got to meet each other you gave me confidence that this was going to be professional. That this wasn’t going to be a waste of my time. I knew that you were serious about this.” – Ashley Chaney, Producer + Host + Speaker

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  • Step 2: Book a Set-Up Prep Call During Checkout
  • Step 3: We Customize the Platform to Your Show
  • Step 4: Invite Guests and Put the Follow-Through on Auto-Pilot!

"I check my calendar on my phone every night to see what cool interviews I have the next day. I block out a little time for prep, and that's pretty much it now!" - Tiffany

Here's the Amazing Value You'll Enjoy:

$1997 for Standard Setup



Guest Attraction and Happiness Software

  • Landing Page / Booking Funnel ($97 /mo)
  • Booking Calendar ($15 /mo)
  • 2 Way Text Messaging (Value: $29 /mo)
  • Automations ($65 /mo)
  • Opportunities Pipeline ($33 /month)
  • Advanced CRM ($70 /mo)
  • GMB, FB, Instagram Messaging ($150 / mo)
  • Web Chat ($10 /mo)
  • Reputation Management ($250 /mo)
  • GMB Call Tracking ($45 /mo)
  • Missed Call Text Back
  • A/B Tracking Capability ($199 /mo)
  • Dynamic Forms ($59 /mo)
  • Front Row Access to Speak in Podcast Social Audio Rooms (Priceless)
  • Loaded Up with Marketing ($500 /mo)
  • Get 5-15 Hours of Your Week Back (Priceless)

$997 Setup (Regular Price $1997)

Comparable Software Value: $1,522 / Month

$997 for Setup Now and Only

$497 / Month

Podcast Purpose Profits Promise and Promotion

BONUS #1: Automate Your Guest Outline for Each Interview (WHAT?!)

Guest Submits the Form to Appear

Automation Creates an Outline for YOU to Interview the Guest

When It's Time, Jump to this Guest's Outline to Prepare in Minutes

Podcast Purpose Profits Promise and Promotion

BONUS #2: Centralize All of Your Important Information

SEO Title, Description, and Other Important Podcast Details

Logins and Links

Podcast Player Links and Login Checklist

Podcast Purpose Profits Promise and Promotion
Podcast Purpose Profits Promise and Promotion
Podcast Purpose Profits Promise and Promotion

BONUS #3: Get Leads

Landing Page

Give Away Free Download "Lead Magnets"

Automate Follow-Up Emails

Our Guests Appreciate the System.

“I loved it. I thought it was awesome. I liked the text messaging. I liked the setup.” - Keven Hempel, Marketer, Podcaster

"It was great! You made it very, very easy." - Tom Schwab, Interview Valet

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