It's True: You CAN Get 41+ Pieces of Content from a Single Episode & Monetize Without Thousands of Listeners (Taking Much Less of Your Time).



The Podcast Ignition System

We help experts predictably increase revenue and consistently grow huge audiences with our Podcast Ignition System. Our podcasters can get nearly any guest they want on their show because of the system’s reputation of providing best guest promotion in podcasting..

The 4 P's of Podcasting: Get the Most Out of Your Podcast

Prep / Planning

From what to talk about to getting the best guests, our platform helps you plan and prepare for success.


Take that one piece of content and create 41+ quality pieces of content to represent your brand..


Get each episode out to every corner of the internet with content streamlined distribution every time.


A proven monetization strategy is implemented and tracked for maximum return on your investment.

There are 4 Engine Drivers to Smooth Out Your Day: Imagine Being Freed Up while Hosting an Even More Popular and Profitable Show!

Driver 1: Centralized Documents and Spreadsheets

Cutting Edge, Proprietary Tracking and Communication Tools so Your Team is Happy, Efficient, and All of the Amazing Content for Each Episode Goes Out Correctly - More Quickly. Monetization Tracking also Helps You Optimize Every Profit Opportunity.

Driver 2: Standard Operating Procedures / SOP's / Checklists / Workflows:

WHATEVER You Prefer to Call Them - Your Team Has Them. This DRASTICALLY Reduces the Time It Takes for the Whole Process, Closes any Gaps, and Creates a World Where You Can Delegate Any or All Steps to Virtual Assistants / VA's .... Well, Except Doing the Actual Interview, but You Only Have 1 Simple Google Doc for That ....

Driver 3: MyPodBlast Sales and Marketing Platform

Get Funnels, Triggers, Automations, Campaigns, and over 35 Email/SMS Templates So You Can Step Right In and Book Your Best Guests and Wow them with Our "White Glove Experience"

Driver #4: Automations Extraordinaire

Advanced Zapier and MyPodBlast Automations that Save 20+ Hours of Team Time per EPISODE!


The 3 Cycling

Stages of the


We break down the process your team will go through after every podcast episode is recorded into 3 stages.

Planning and Prep


Promotion and Distribution


Your Podcast Sales &

Publicity Team

Your team will implement the Podcast Ignition System (PoIS). If you need help, VA recommendations, or done for you services, please let us know.

Podcast Host

We provide specialized assistance

to our podcasters, in addition

to supporting their teams.

Production Assistant

The PA must be skilled enough

to extract the best content, and

be an excellent communicator.

Specialty VA's

Have a writer who knows SEO, a social media writer, and a graphic designer.

Sales Team

The host is an important sales leader. Be sure you have the support staff that you’ll need.


Is Now a Good Time

For a Return 5x Your Investment (or Would You Rather Wait)?

First - find out if you a good candidate for the Podcast Ignition System:

You have a service to promote.

There are Guest Interviews.

You want to profit from the show.

Your are too busy to do it all yourself.

If you would rather grow your audience and your bottom line right now now, start with a quick conversation.

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